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Exceeding expectations by discovering your needs.

Our unique approach allows Human Factors (HF) to guide design methods by bringing scientific rigour and a profound understanding of the human and technological agents involved. Drawing on HF work, UX design helps develop coherent and creative solutions that answer user needs and propose added value to people, products, and businesses. At C3HF, clients are involved from the very start in a collaborative approach to fit your specific needs.

The rich connection we create between HF and UX design and the scientific process we follow help to prevent complex issues resulting from:

  • Sub-optimal task flow and/or automation

  • Insufficient training

  • Incompatible organizational culture

  • Selection of the wrong people

  • Poor hardware and GUI design

And instead allow for the development of robust solutions leading to:

  • Reduced frustration and improved satisfaction with technology

  • Reduced workload, fatigue and risk of error

  • Improved situation awareness

  • Improved safety

  • Improved teamwork and productivity

  • Reduced burn-out and turnover

  • Reduced costs

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